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Famous Amphibious Car for Sale

Amphibious-car-for-sale Famous Amphibious Car for Sale

Famous Amphibious Car for Sale

Amphibious car for sale is quite rare to be seen these days. This is because such thing usually comes in limited edition, making it only owned by those with more money in their pocket. Despite of that, it still useful to know what kind of amphibious cars is available currently on the market and auctions. Here are some of them.

The aptly named Amphicar

Amphicar is one of the famous amphibious car in U.S back in 60’s. The car itself was produced in quite limited numbers, which are 4,000. Most of them made their way to U.S, where the car was famously used by the president Lyndon B. Johnson. The specification of this German car is quite spectacular at that time. It used 1.1-litre four-cylinder petrol engine made by Triumph Herald, mounted at the back of the car.

The transmission system used on the car is four-speed manual gearbox. Using a specific lever, the car’s drive will be transformed into twin propellers located under the rear bumper. This car can reach a top speed of 7 knots on the water, using the front wheels as the steering or rudders. One big flaw of this product is that the car somehow used steel that can rust quickly. The mild steel construction of this car is what kills the Amphicar.

There is also the Gibbs Aquada

The looks of this car is quite similar to the delicate Mazda MX-5. The car itself was publicly known through major broadcast from English channel, where the ads of the car used Richard Branson as the talent. Although it is similar, the creation of Aquada is not based on any other cars that already exist. It was originally designed so that in some way, a car can transform into a boat and vice versa.

The car is equipped with 2.5-litre Rover V6 engine and its propulsion systems are so original that the car is covered by more than 60 patents. The performance of the car on the road is exceptional and it can run as fast as 30mph on the water. The big downside of the car is that it doesn’t have proper door and roof. Also, the position of the steering wheel is at the center, which is a little bit awkward.

The beastly Watercar Panther

The Watercar Panther was made in America. The design of it is something between a Jeep Wrangler and a bathtub. A bit unusual, but it works. The car itself can run 80mph on land and 45mph on water. Thanks to its 3.7 litre Honda engine and a waterjet engine equipped on the vehicle. Because of that, this vehicle got a title the fastest amphibious vehicle on sale.

Produced using high quality materials, the creator of this car stated that this car is unsinkable. The car itself is equipped with more than 900 liter of Styrofoam in the hull. Currently, it is one of the best amphibious car available.

Amphibious car is a luxury item. You don’t have to get one but it is a nice thing to have one. Don’t expect it to be cheap since its dual habitat will cost you more. You can search which amphibious car for sale and available in the market is suitable to your budget.

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