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Big Chief New Car: The Big and The Crow

Big-Chief’s-new-car-Big-Chief’s-new-Crow-1 Big Chief New Car: The Big and The Crow

Big Chief New Car: The Big and The Crow

As one of many professional and famous drag racer, Big Chief’s new car will always spark something among his fans. He is famous because he is a star in Discovery’s Street Outlaw as the 405 crew. In the show, he will compete with other professional drag racer for money and fame. Here is an info regarding the newest car from the remarkable Big Chief.

What has happened to his Crow?

For those who follow the Street Outlaws TV program, you will know what kind of car used by Big Chief. He used 1969 Pontiac Lemans painted in white to be his main arsenal and beat everyone. Something nasty happened just over a year ago. During a race between him and Brian “Chucky” Davis, his car crashed badly during filming the show.

After that, he shocked his fans and people that following the show because he decided to bought a pro-mod known as the Crowmod. Then, he spent times to recreate his masterpiece back into its finest condition. He stated that he wants to build another crow, replacing the one crashed during the race with Chucky.

As the year went on, Big Chief finally unleashed his new car, hoping that it could surpass the previous one and beat everyone up with his new arsenal. A year of vacuum in Street Outlaw’s show surely makes Big Chief more passionate and likely to be prefered by the viewer of the TV show.

Big Chief’s new Crow

After more than a year of modifying his Crowmod, he made it into public by completing a full test drive in the city streets during the night. Now he is ready to be kicking and back into the action with his 1970 back halfed steel-bodied Pontiac GTO. The specification is pretty much similar with his previous Crow.

The GTO is equipped with 482 cubic inch Pontiac Butler Performance engine. He also installed the previous Crowmod with twin 94mm precision turbo chargers into the new Crow, backed with Rossler 3-speed transmission with fully customizable gear ratios. The EFI used on the car is provided by Fueltech. The rear end of the car looks fierce with all aluminum by Mark Williams.

Big Chief’s also stated that there are several parts of the old Crow installed into this new one, adding a bit old touch for the fans and himself. In Shawn Show podcast, Big Chief said that the car was proven to be faster compared to the old Crow, and he wants the ne Crow to stay to its original color which is black. With the new Crow arise into the horizon, Big Chief hoped that he could forget the accident and move on with pride with his new Crow.

The comeback of the Crow master, Big Chief, from his deep slumber because of the accident surely will sparks something to the viewer of Discovery’s Street Outlaw. His new Crow is faster than the previous one and surely it will be enough to see off other crew member. Big Chief’s new Crow will be a hit in the future show.


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