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Recent Car Accidents in Los Angeles which Cause Dead Victims

Recent-Car-Accidents-in-Los-Angeles-which-Cause-Dead-Victims-1 Recent Car Accidents in Los Angeles which Cause Dead Victims

Recent Car Accidents in Los Angeles which Cause Dead Victims

Recent car accidents in Los Angeles perhaps considered as one of the deadly cases ever occurred in this city. This car crash precisely occurred in July 27th, 2017 on Southbound 101 Freeway in Ventura. The surprising thing about this news was actually that this accident killed three people. The car crash caused dead victims because a driver which was known to drive his vehicle in high speed which up to 100 miles per hour. This then led the vehicle went into wrong way. As the result the vehicle drove hit another car directly which passed on that freeway. No wonder if this shocking moment put some people into dead.

How the car accident occurred?

The driver who later slammed another car in on 101 Freeway was previously seen by California Highway Patrol (CHP) to drive the wrong way on the freeway. This car accident then happened after midnight not long after CHP spotted that moment. The wrong driver actually rode a vehicle which known to be black Toyota Scion. This car actually moved northbound from Oxnard Boulevard but using southbound tracks.

The officer who knew what’s happening was trying to do some efforts in order to avoid huge collision on that freeway. The officer who left the freeway then soon moved to the northbound tracks and tried to match the speed of the wrong-way driver. The Toyota driver on his own that time was still driving in wrong direction on the southbound tracks. Officer actually did this attempt so that they can find the most perfect position to stop the Toyota. If they could do this then the driver was able to safely stop the vehicle and no one injured in this accident. However, it seems that the efforts of the officer would not work as it was expected. Hence, this moment is considered as one of deadly recent car accidents in Los Angeles.

Why this car accident causes dead victims?

Even though the officer had kept up with the wrong direction driver but they could not stop the vehicle since the driver speed the car up to 100 miles per hour. Due to this high speed, the driver apparently lost the control on the car he drove. After this chasing moment, Toyota kept move in wrong lanes and the driver then slammed directly on a white Nissan Versa which also pass the lanes.

The Nissan Versa itself was driven by 25-years old man and he brought a female passenger. Both the driver and passenger of Nissan dead straight away on when the accident happened. Then, the last dead victim in this accident is none other than the Toyota driver himself which previously drove the car in wrong lanes. Soon after the car crash occurred, the firefighters came to the place. One of the vehicles spotted perched on the guardrail and blocking the Lemon Grove Avenue. Meanwhile, the other was in the roadway which located about 50 yards in the north of the crash took place. Traffic backup then seen after this recent car accidents in Los Angeles.

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