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The Enterprise Car Share, What Is It?

Enterprise-Car-Share The Enterprise Car Share, What Is It?

The Enterprise Car Share, What Is It?

Nowadays, there are so many businesses which are integrated with online platforms. It is because the development of technology which makes them related. For example, in transportation business. Here, there is a business which is called Enterprise Car Share. As its name, you can rent a vehicle if you do not want to take public transportations.

However, you may have not heard about this Car Share much. So, to help you gain some information about this, we are going to share you about this Car Share below.

What is Enterprise Car Share?

It is a modern way which you can try to rent a car in hour, day, or even overnight. Moreover, the locations where you can rent a car are almost in anywhere. If you think that the cars which are rented have a similar model, then you are wrong. Why? Here, there are a variety of models which you can rent if you have already joined the community.

Besides, there are some types of the cars which are provided by this Enterprise. However, what you have to do first is you have to register to be a member of this Car Share. Yep, when you are approved, you will get an email from this Car Share.

After that, you have to download its application – it is available for iPhone and Android. Here, you will know the locations of the cars by looking at the map in the application. Besides, when you log in to the application, you will get some advantages such as find the nearest cars from your location, create or cancel the reservations easily, view the current rental or extend your reservation, and upload gas receipts on-the-go. When you find the car, you have to place the membership card which you have already got on the sensor to unlock the car.

What about the fuel?

This is a thing that you may worry about. Yep, when you get a car which has no fuel, it is inevitable that you must fill it up. Fortunately, you don’t have to be worried about this problem anymore. Why? Because the fuel is also included. What a car rental, right? If the fuel has reached one-fourth of tank, you will be asked to fill it up by using a prepaid fuel car which is provided inside the car. Here, you can refuel the car at any gas station which has the logo of Wright Express.

Is there any tip?

Before driving the car which you are going to use, you have to report the litter and damage. This is for avoiding the bad things which you don’t want to get later on. You can check the damage on the car first, then report it to the Member Services. Besides, for keeping the convenient, make sure that you take and remove all of your trash and stuff before ending the reservation. If you carry your pets, make sure that your pets do not leave any bad thing. Don’t forget to leave one-fourth tank of fuel before ending the reservation. Lastly, if you don’t want to pay an extra charge by Enterprise Car Share, make sure that you return the car on time.


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