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The Toys R Us Car Seat Trade-In Event, What Is It?

toys-r-us-car-seat-trade-in-dates-2017 The Toys R Us Car Seat Trade-In Event, What Is It?

The Toys R Us Car Seat Trade-In Event, What Is It?

You may already know about car seat for a baby. As we know, it is used to protect your baby while you are driving. Besides, you don’t need to be worried about your baby because a car seat always has a good security. Have you ever heard about Toys R Us car seat? Yep, it is a car seat which is sold in pretty expensive price. We know that price sometimes becomes a problem. However, there is a Toys R Us Car Seat Trade In events which offer an affordable price. Here, we are going to share you some information about the Trade In events.

What is the Trade In event?

If you haven’t heard about this before, Trade In event is an event which provides you an opportunity to trade in your outdated, unused, outgrown, or old items in exchange for savings when you are going to purchase a new item which has been selected. Of course, the items which are included are car seats, play yards, bouncers, walkers, toddler beds, etc. So, if your baby gas grown up, it is better for you to be the part of this beneficial event. Moreover, you don’t need to put all of your Toys R Us items in your shed or warehouse.

Besides, the items which are going to be traded in, don’t need to be from one store. For example, if you purchase an item from Toys R Us in New York, you can trade in the item in Los Angeles. In a simple term, we can say that the event is nationwide. The point is, as long as the items are included in the qualification, you don’t need to be worried. Moreover, you can bring some items, and even receive some additional savings as well. Not only that, the items do not need to be the same kind. You can trade in a car seat for twin beds – just an example.

Why should Trade In event?

According to an agency in the US – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, the car seats which lose its label, are considered below the standard. Not only that, if the car seats pass the expiration date which has been determined by the manufacturer, it means that the car seats are below the standard as well. Besides, the NHTSA also suggests that we have to replace car seats after experiencing any car accident. So, the point that we can catch from the NHTSA is the safety.

On the other hand, you may have no idea that car seats can be expired. Yep, when car seats are expired, it doesn’t mean that you can use the car seat anymore. But, the safety can be a reason which is considered as the standard. Here, you have to know that the expiration dates of every car seat are different. Here, you can change your old car seat if your baby doesn’t fit with it anymore. Again, don’t forget to check the expiration date. In addition, when the Toys R Us Car Seat Trade In events come, don’t hesitate to go to the stores.

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