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Common Reasons on Why Does My Car Shake

Common-Reasons-on-Why-Does-My-Car-Shake Common Reasons on Why Does My Car Shake

Common Reasons on Why Does My Car Shake

Why does my car shake? Perhaps becomes a question which might appear when you found the car starting to vibrate while you are riding it. Sometimes small shake might be unrealized but when it gets bigger it turns to be annoyance for everyone inside the car.

Those who do not have automotive background probably will be panic when facing this condition. This condition can be a result from something simple and or an indication for serious problem. It is important for you to know the causes of the car shake so that you can define whether it is just simple or severe problem. By find the trouble in the early stage can help you to decide the most appropriate treatment and it is also more effective to save more on the reparation bills. These are common factors which are renowned to be the causes of car shaking.

Tire problem

Problems related to tire becomes the most common factor which causes car shaking. The steering wheel usually begins to shake when the tires are imbalance. The shaking usually occur around 50 to 55 miles per hour. It might feel even worse when it reaches 60 miles per hour buts it might be less recognized when the car driven at high speed. However, shaking which is resulted from tire problem is quite easy to fix. Tire problem actually can be evaded by using good quality of tires. Regular inspection to the tire is also important to do especially during the maintenance service.

Rotors and brake caliper problem

Brake rotors also can be another reason why does my car shake. Sometimes you can feel the steering wheel begin to shake when you step on the brake. This might due to unbalanced brake rotors so it is quite normal if the shake even can be felt in the brake pedal itself. Still in the brake, the caliper which sticks on is another factor which can cause car shaking.

When it occurs, you might feel shake which begin from 45 to 50 miles per hour. The faster you drive, the worse the shake would be. Sometimes along with the shake, you also can smell a burning scent when the car is stopped. This problem can be avoided by having brake caliper service when having car maintenance. This brake service is especially required for car which already takes more than 75,000 miles.

Similar with tires the brake also need to be inspected regularly to convince that it is always in good condition and you can fix it when you find any problem. However, it is something which often abandoned by the owner of the car and they prefer to predict the problem by themselves. Inspection to the brake and tire is usually done when the car gets oil change. Car which still has little mileage even will get this inspection after six months. Whenever you start feeling car shaking, make sure you check the tires, wheel, and brake first in order to known the causes of why does my car shake.

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