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Easy Steps to Hotwire Cars

Easy-Steps-to-Hotwire-Cars Easy Steps to Hotwire Cars

Easy Steps to Hotwire Cars

Hotwire Cars are an important part when you lose your key. There are some latest cars that hide the cable in the steering wheel. This is a safety step so you do not install Hotwire. The old model car is the best car that can be used to install Hotwire.

This is an important factor when you are not using a key to drive your car. You should use this object with care. You can consult with a professional mechanic to know the color code of the cable. This article gives the method to you.

What to Do with the Steering Column

You cannot get in the car before you have any documentation for the car. If you insist on getting into the car, your car alarm will sound. This method has been done for cars with Hotwire. This method can work on a 90s car. The latest model has a complete mechanism so you cannot install Hotwire. If you already know the system of the car, then you can do this. You must lock the starter and turn on the alarm.

This method makes your car can not be driven by anyone. If you are carrying a manual, you should make sure that the gears and steering columns can be replaced. Steering column and transfer mechanism can be seriously damaged by the method. Another way is to remove the plastic cover that is on your steering column. Usually, the column is in a hidden place. You can also remove the cover by using type 2 screws. You must also remove the access panel located on the steering column.

There are some older models compared to your car. If you have the car, then you can break the pin that locks the steering column. You can use a screwdriver to unlock the keyhole. Perhaps this is the most difficult method because it can only be done on old cars. The next step is to find the harness connector used for the cable system. You can check the rumbling of the electrical wires in your car.

You do not have to worry about it. The car has three main bundles. The first cable is used to set the cruise control, lights, and so forth. The second cable is used for seat warmers. The third cable is used for starters, ignition, and batteries.

Read the Manual

You have to pull the ignition key, the battery, and the starter wire. The cable will power and turn on your switch. Actually, the cable car has another color. This color depends on the manufacturer of the car. You should see the guidebook to know all the colors of the cable. Maybe the ignition cable has a brown color. Usually, the battery cable is red and the starter cable is made in yellow.

If you mess up the cable, then you can get electrocuted. You must connect the cable on or off to the battery cable. You can see dashboard lights and other sections. If the light is on, then you have done this method well. If you want to drive the car, then you will turn on the starter wire. You must remember that this way has certain risks. If you do not have any knowledge about your car, then you do not need to do this car. You only need a professional mechanic for Hotwire Cars.

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