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What Makes Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air?

What Makes Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air?

Car ac not blowing cold air seems to be a general condition faced by car owners. Generally, ideal cold temperature on car ac is 5 to 8 Celcius degree if it is measured by thermometer. But, in fact the car ac temperature is not colder than that temperature level. Of course, the problem is in your car ac. There is something wrong and problem to your car ac. What makes your car ac not blowing cold air very well?

What-Makes-Car-Ac-Not-Blowing-Cold-Air-1 What Makes Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air?

Lack of Freon

There are some causes making car ac not cold and blowing cold air. The first cause is the out or lack of freon. The lack of freon is possibly caused by the leakage in one of ac systems. The working principles of freon is circulation. If there is no leakage, freon in car ac will never get out or less. The leakage on freon causes the car ac not cold optimally. So, it is better to always check the condition of freon of your car ac.

Dirty Condensor or Radiator

If the surface of radiator or condensor gets dirty, the heat dissipation on high pressure freon gas in condensor becomes imperfect. This affects to the condensation process not maximal so that car ac temperature is not cold and car ac not blowing cold air. Don’t forget to include a routine check to condensor and radiator parts in your car ac.

Off Extra AC Fan

Another cause making the car ac not cold is weak or even off motor fan round. It is indirectly affecting to the heat dissipation in condensor. If the heat dissipation in condensor is not working well, the condensation process producing cold temperature will be in trouble. It is crucial for the car drivers to check and control the performance of motor cooling in order that the car ac temperature is always kept. This can be a solution to prevent car ac not blowing cold air.

Burned or Off Magnetic Clutch

There are some other possibilities making your car ac not working well and blowing cold air. One of the factors is influenced by burned or off magnetic clucth. If the spul of magnetic clucth is burned or off, it damages the center piece. It doesn’t connect to the turning ac compressor. As a consequence, the air circulation in air conditioner is disturbed so that car ac is not cold. A simple prevention is conducting a regular check to this magnetic clutch.

Excessive Compressor Oil

Car ac has stable volume. If there is excessive compressor oil, the space for freon is getting limited. If you still add freon reaching the full level, it is making the ac system over heat. What is the effect? The effect is not working compressor. When the compressor is disturbed and not working well, it is usually marked by not normal ac pressure. The sigh glass looks black and dryer is blocked. If you detect the signs, please keep the level of excessive compressor oil and change your compressor for the optimal performance. The most appropriate solution to overcome those problems is going to the car ac repair to detect the real causes on car ac not blowing cold air.


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